Misting Fan in S.S Body

Misting Fan in S.S Body TS-201

Outdoor Mist Fans best for : Hotel Lawns, Home Balcony, Open Air Restaurant, Marriage Pandal, Workshops, Farm House, Terrace Gardens, Open Air Parties, Open Air Waiting Area, Poultry Farm, Factories, For Humidification, Stud Farm, Amusement Park, Water Parks, Schools, Hospital Open Areas, Cooling Animals, Golf Course

Technical Details of Model TS-201

  • Full height of Mist Fan 92" approx.
  • Oscillating upto 90*.
  • Cooling effect 20 to 25ft.
  • Moisture feel 5ft.
  • Electricity consumption approx. 1 unit per 3hrs.
  • Fan speed 1400/1430 rpm.
  • Filtered water consumption 10-15 l / hr.
  • Tank Capacity 85L approx.
  • Tank size 30" Length x 51" Dia.
  • Push-Fit assembly for strong grip.
  • Nozzle Cleaning liquid
  • Fragrance

Body Details of Model TS-201

  • Stainless Steel tank and cover.
  • Stainless Steel Rod.
  • Stainless Steel Base.
  • Gear System for tilting back & front.
  • Air Circulator fan 24" sweep.
  • Stainless Steel fan jali.