PVC Strip Curtain

Features and Advantages

  • Unlimited Access by Vehicles and Pedestrians
  • Round Edges to avoid injuries to Pedestrians
  • Improved working Environment
  • Energy Conservation
  • Prevents birds, flies etc from entering the work area.
  • Maintenance free required and occassional wash with soap water and collin
  • Increased Efficiency on the shop floor.
  • Effective Reduction in heat, cold and humidity-loss, noice and dust transmission

Production Range

  • TS-200*2mm for doors under 2 meters height, 50% overlap with hardware.
  • TS-200*3mm for 2/4 meters high doors, 50% overlap with hardware.
  • TS-200*5mm for hight air-pressure areas, 50% overlap with hardware.
  • TS-400*3mm for 4 meters high doors, 50% overlap with hardware.
  • Our above products have operating temperature from 0 to +50 degree C.
  • TS-200*2mm for Freezer frade can with stand upto -45 degree C.
  • TS-300*2mm to cover welding Areas.
  • TS-300*3mm for High Abrasion.
  • TS-200*2mm for small doors.